Tip 1: What is "March of Millions"

Once in early December in Russia held elections to the State Duma, which have been reported numerous violations, the opposition held a series of meetings at which all the discontented could protest.Subsequent presidential elections confirmed the facts of falsifications and has led to greater civic engagement.The number of dissatisfied increased so much that the organizers of the protest rallies have assigned them the name "March of millions".

course of any millions are not talking even considering joining the protesters to the capital cities across Russia.But there is a clear tendency to increase the number of participants in these protest rallies.The first one was held on May 6.In Moscow, on the number of participants, who are the organizers and the security forces, differ by several times.The organizers claim that the protest expressed more than 100 thousand people Moscow police put the figure at 20,000.

second "March of Millions" was held on 12 June.By this date, members have initiated and has
tily adopted amendments to the law on rallies, toughening penalties for damage to the organizers of the municipal property and personal injury during meetings to astronomical fines of hundreds of thousands of rubles.However, this did not stop tens of thousands of people who came to protest against the policy of the authorities.

«March of Millions" is going to not only the government representatives of opposition political parties and protest groups, "Apple", "Union of Right Forces", "Democratic Party", "Republican Party", "Fair Russia", but also ordinary citizens.They are attended by people who hold the diametrically opposed political views, nationalists, leftists, anarchists and others.

These marshes provide an opportunity to speak to representatives of different social groups.Gay activists are using them to demonstrate support for the punk band Pussy Riot, staged a rowdy antics in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.Researchers, teachers and university students protesting against education reform and the collapse of science.

protesters' demands are constantly increasing, as well as the number of dissatisfied with the fact that the government is not going to be tolerated, but continues to tighten the screws.The organizers of these rallies have identified the third "March of millions", which is scheduled for 15 September.In view of the forthcoming radical price increase, we can predict further growth of discontent.Therefore, the organizers leader of the "Left Front" Sergei Udaltsov, Garry Kasparov, Elena Lukyanova, blogger Alexei Navalny, a politician Boris Nemtsov, journalist Olga Romanova, a leader of the movement "In Defense of Khimki Forest" Eugene Chirikov, Sergei Parkhomenko and others are hoping that the name will soonIt would be justified.

Tip 2: What is the March of Millions

More recently, the idea that the streets of Moscow and other cities will go out protesting crowds with political demands, might seem ridiculous.And earlier case of spontaneous demonstrations, rallies, sometimes beyond the law.But I never heard such political demands: the appointment of the new election of the President of Russia, the appointment of new elections to the State Duma.Participants in these demonstrations proudly call their event "March of Millions".
What is the March of Millions

party argues that the event will continue as long as their demands are not fulfilled.What kind of people participate in these marches?What are their objectives, structure, leadership?Which is why all the march?

should openly admit that their share of responsibility for the situation are the state authorities at all levels, including the current President of Russia.They could not or did not want in a timely manner to understand and feel the growth of social tension and unrest.Some people do not want to tolerate social injustice, corruption, take a completely obscene proportions.In the course of the last year's elections to the State Duma the administrative resource was involved in full force to ensure victory is rapidly losing popularity of the party "United Russia", which caused even more indignation of many citizens.On the other hand, it must be admitted that the victory of V.Putin in March of this year, the election of the President of Russia, even taking into account the violations is undeniable and undisputed.He still enjoys the support of a large majority of the citizens of Russia, though not as absolute as before.

Of course, whatever the outcome of the presidential election will always be dissatisfied, who believe that the elections were unfair, fraudulent, etc.This circumstance considering preserved discontent with the election results to the State Duma decided to use the old opposition leaders - Boris Nemtsov, Mikhail Kasyanov.Vladimir Ryzhkov, Kasparov and the new, young - A. Navalny, Udaltsov S. and others.Under the slogan "Defend Fair Elections!" They began to organize mass protests.However, instead of well-publicized million for each such action taken part more than a few tens of thousands of people.The next such event is scheduled for the 12th of June.The composition of the most diverse, mostly they go to office workers, students, representatives of creative professions.