ideal model of liberal society presupposes the existence of individual freedom for everyone, limited power of church and state, the rule of law, private property and freedom of entrepreneurship.

Liberalism arose in response to the unrestricted power of monarchs and then refuted the dominant theory of the divine origin of power.In contrast to the proponents of liberalism it developed the concept of the social contract, which contained a version of the origin of power and the state.According to her people voluntarily handed over the rights of the State in return for their own security, individual rights and freedoms.Thus, the government set aside the minimum functions that can be aimed at achieving these goals.Liberals insisted that no relationship and divine destiny must be decisive for the occupation of positio
ns of power.In their view source of power must be exclusively people.

That is why the optimal form of implementation of the principles of liberalism they saw the democratic political regime.Only he can provide a pluralism of opinions and political movements, the representation of the interests of all sectors of society, including minorities, as well as the transparency of the government.Those positions held in the state system as early classical liberals and supporters of the current flow.

differ only in their views the role of government in the economy.Early liberals considered economic freedom the supreme value.They believed that only harms the state, interfering with the market economy.According to them the only function of the state in the economy should be to create the conditions for a free market.

Modern liberals are more tolerant of government involvement in the economy.They believe that the role of government is to create equal conditions for all social strata, the need to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, labor market regulation.The state should help the unemployed and ensure free education and health care.

By the merits of liberal ideology include the development of the principle of natural rights.These include the right to life, liberty and property.A possession of natural rights does not depend on belonging to a particular class, but is given at birth.As the liberal ideology has changed its opinion on individualism.Initially, her supporters perceived it in an extreme form, and believed that the individual interests of superior social significance.Later views on this issue have changed and the public good liberals recognized priority.

the whole liberal ideology has had a major impact on the political process and in many ways defined the face of the current democratic states and their basic principles.