budget of the country, regions and cities provide funds for various purposes: build a hospital, a kindergarten, repair the road, install surveillance cameras in public places .. Orders for such work are published on the official website of state purchases zakupki.gov.ru, and they can see each.But to find in them any violations, and even more so, to defend the point of view of the court, it is necessary to have a specific legal competence.

Therefore, a lawyer and social activist Alexei Navalny has decided to create a project called "Painting".This online resource where anyone can report about "questionable purchase."The reference to "doubtful" public procurement can serve overestimated (or underestimated) as compared with the retail price, volume and timing mismatch works, "v
ague" documentation, etc.Experts estimate how justified is the complaint.Then the lawyers who work in the "RosPile" documents sent to the prosecutor's office and other authorities for cancellation of public procurement.

As of June 2012 through the project filed 108 complaints are substantiated 68. The total amount of orders, which prevented violations is nearly 40.5 billion rubles.

¬ęPainting" - a non-profit project.It exists for charitable donations that are listed through Yandex purse.Of these funds, several lawyers and coordinator receive his salary.

To report a "questionable" public procurement, it is necessary in the relevant section "Painting" to indicate its customer, the timing and size of contracts, the reason for which you think the purchase fraud.On the same page is placed tip regulating particular drawing application.Project authors warn that because of overlapping claims they can not answer everything.Note that you can file a complaint only to the purchase, for which was not a competition.