Since the policy is closely linked to the economy and finance, understand the value of basic economic terms.The balance of payments of the country shows how the foreign exchange reserves during the period.In this document the sources of foreign exchange earnings, and how it is used.The exchange rate shows how much one currency in terms of another.On fluctuations affect: inflation relative to other countries, the demand for foreign currency for foreign trade, to invest in other countries, for creating emergency reserves.
Understand country analysis technique - it will help to make predictions about the future of a countr
y.First, analyze the performance of previous years: the balance of payments, exchange rates, GDP, inflation, employment, interest rates, income distribution, population growth, education, etc.Define the strategic objectives of the country in financial matters.Examine the context: the country's size, population, geography, type of government, leaders, stability and corruption, business, religion, agriculture;the role of family, culture and state of individualism;trade advantages and competitiveness in the international arena.Based on the information gathered make a prediction for the future.Make a scenario analysis - several options in case the forecast changes of certain indicators.
will be examined in terms of political strategy.The main objective of the politicians at this level - managing relationships with external entities, which also compete with each other.This is due to missed opportunities and many threats.In the analysis of specific political situation, make a list of potentially affected parties.For each of them write all the benefits and damages caused by the action of one of the participants.Also, define the rights and obligations of each party in terms of international law or domestic laws.Determine the relative strength of each player, and revealed some of the most significant.Evaluate the consequences of their actions in the short and long term.Make a possible plan of action for each participant for each of the alternative scenarios.Formulate a judgment about your assessment of the situation.