Tip 1: How did Putin's visit to Israel

Putin paid a visit to Israel as part of his Middle East tour.The stay was a one-day, but very revealing.Impressed enough that Vladimir Vladimirovich came to the country, which US President Barack Obama has repeatedly refused to visit.

Putin arrived in Israel hour and a half late.However, this is not a favorable atmosphere marred the meeting.Host Party, despite their suspicion of Russia, arranged for the president of this country the royal reception.There was even satisfied Putin's desire to go on a night tour in advance have not been agreed.

But the main thing was that the arrival of Vladimir coincided with the deterioration of the situation on the border with Egypt, coupled with the results of elections in the country.

During his visit, Putin diplomatically trying to avoid discussion of issues of concern to the Israelis, includingIran's nuclear program.Several times Vladimir Vladimirovich did not specifically respond to requests not to give Israel's leaders atom neighbors.However, he left a goo
d impression and strengthened the image of a peacemaker.

At the opening ceremony of the memorial of Victory of the Red Army in Netanya, which Putin began his program in Israel, President Shimon Peres said of the Russian peacekeeping mission president.What Putin said philosophically, that peace is still fragile.However, later he told reporters that the Iranian nuclear program, they talked in detail.

evening held a reception in honor of the Russian president.Shimon Peres publicly announced that Iran has threatened to destroy Israel, and said that he is aware of the fact that Russia does not approve of the emergence of Iran's nuclear arsenal.In response, Putin thanked Israelis for the invitation to come and promised to ensure that the Middle East peace and tranquility.

reception that got Putin was much better than the one that had the US president.The King David Jerulisalem, where he stopped Vladimir Vladimirovich, were rented 300 rooms.The hotel does not accept other guests.The security measures were taken unprecedented - even checked dignitaries.The Russian president was accompanied by 400 people.

After his arrival in Jerusalem, Putin expressed his wish to visit the old town.At night, he held to the temple of the Holy Sepulchre.Vladimir Vladimirovich also visited the Edicule, rose to Calvary, went into the cave, which found the cross of the crucifixion, and then went to the Wailing Wall.

However, despite the overall friendly attitude of Israelis, not all were happy arrival of the Russian president.Police stopped a group of 50 protesters - they were heading to a memorial in Netanya.Not well-publicized demonstrations leftists and those who advocate for permission to hold a gay pride parade in Russia.

Tip 2: How to become Putin

Vladimir Putin is considered a benchmark of a strong political leader.It contributes to the popularity of carefully maintained image of the athletes involved in extreme sports and martial arts.
How to become Putin
you need
  • - Application for change of name
  • - birth certificate
  • - Application for replacement passport
  • - Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • - Willpower
The easiest way to become a Putin - is to change the name.To do this, write to the registrar about the change of names, which specify the name, first name, date and place of birth, citizenship, place of residence and their marital status.A statement and a birth certificate, refer to the registry office employees.During the month of your application will be processed and you will be given a certificate of change of name.
After that receipt of the application, contact the passport office with a request to issue a new passport.Write a statement about replacing passports, attach the necessary documents (you can ask about them at the passport office employees) and pay a state fee.The deadline will get the passport with the name of Putin.
Another way to become Putin - cosmetic surgery.Find a plastic surgery clinic and consult with your doctor about plastic surgery on his face.Take a survey and hand over the necessary tests.After plastic surgery, you go through the prescribed rehabilitation procedures and follow the doctor's instructions.The result looks like you will be the president of Russia - Putin.
most complex and serious way to become more like a national leader - is to learn and develop.Go to college and get a degree in law as president.During his studies, enroll in the sports section.First of all, pay attention to skiing, which is so interested in Putin.In addition, actively prepare and train in judo and sambo, try to act in the competition so as to occupy the top places.
The study diligently Get to know the German language, which has mastered the national leader.After graduating from the study, he joined the Federal Security Service and was promoted to colonel.These skills form where your leadership and prepare for future political activity.
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