His father was a respectable lawyer, very timely change of religion.After that, his career took off, and he was able to give their children a decent life.And the young Charles, grandson of a rabbi, grew up with the conviction that religion is something illusory and convenient to advance in life.Carl was a favorite of parents and was always able to count on their support, including financial support.
After graduating from high school he studied at the Karl lawyer in Bonn and then in Berlin.He studied well, but not famous for knowledge and participation in drinking bouts and fights.Needless to say that funds for this purpose, he regularly received f
rom home.His father had just clutched his head, received another letter asking to send money.But even more frightening parents Karl new student fashion - participation in duels.It was not only dangerous, but also illegal.So Marx's father even had to bribe the court when the offspring was arrested in Cologne with a rapier.Therefore, parents were happy that the second son of passion - writing is fairly middle-of poems - not harm any health or purse.
the University of Berlin in the number of young Marx interests include Kant, Fichte, Feuerbach, and later he became a fan of the Hegelian philosophy.Not the least role in this played a family friend of Marx, Privy Councillor Ludwig von Westphalen.With his daughter Jenny, while still a student, secretly engaged to Carl.In spite of the excellent relations between Marx and Vestfalenami, a special joy the engagement and later marriage, did not cause.Jenny was a beautiful but completely impractical Bride of the impoverished aristocratic family.And for her family married to Charles was quite misalliance.However, according to the impracticality of the inability to manage finances and younger each other very fit.
In 1842 takes place the first meeting with the man Marx, who became his trusted friend and support for life, Friedrich Engels.Though common ground they could find only a couple of years, after a long correspondence.During this period, Marx lived in France, Engels in Germany.They occasionally had problems with the law.So it seemed logical to migrate to a neutral country.She turned out to England.It is here that created the first international association of workers, with branches in many European countries and the United States - International.
parallel with the political and social activity develops Marx economic theory, the crown of which was to analyze the production and circulation of capital.The first volume of the book of the same name was released during the life of the author, subsequent to the publication of his prepared friend and collaborator Engels.There, in the "Capital" Marx refers to the social philosophy.It matters he considered still in the "Communist Manifesto" and other works.Social philosophy was reflected in the works of Engels.Some of Marx's predictions have come true in the early XX century, but not as imagined by Marx.This was due to the fact that it underestimated the impact on society of religious and ethnic factors.