Petersburg International Economic Forum 2012 was held from 21 to 23 June, and was the most kontraktoemkim.On SPIEF it was formalized agreements for 360 billion rubles.The number of participants exceeded 5.3 thousand. People.Forum 1139 highlights the work of journalists from 30 countries.This year the theme of the event was "effective leadership".The program includes round tables, panel discussions, debates on actual problems of modern economy.

The main event of the first day of the forum was the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he asked a scarlet thread, followed by discussions - Russia incomes necessary to tear the price of oil and gas, not to depend on oil and gas pipe.Since this did not argue, even the representatives of
the raw material monopolies.But the main news from the president was the emergence in the Russian business ombudsman, a person whose duty to protect the business from the arbitrariness of officials.It also announced the name of the first Russian business ombudsman, he became head of the "Business Russia", and the general director of "Abrau Durso" Boris Titov.

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev promised to change the mentality of police prone today "nightmare" of business.
Yet major forum on steel is not political or economic statement, and the signing of agreements, which were the talk since the beginning of the year.For example, the company "Rosneft" agreed on joint development of the Italian company Eni and Norway's Statoil."Gazprom" and the French EdF will work together to build and to buy gas power plants in Europe, which the Russian company is going to supply the fuel.

their merger announced by Russian and Belarusian manufacturers of trucks - KAMAZ and MAZ."United Shipbuilding Corporation" has agreed with South Korea's STX to build a new generation of LNG carriers.They will be built near St. Petersburg on Novoadmiralteyskoy shipyard.Sensational forum did not, but it was fruitful.