Russia was able to cope with the difficulties that it had prepared the fate and once again become a major force in the international arena.What is the current Russian reality?Period when to Russia were not considered (eg, taking the decision to bomb Serbia), in the past.Russian state more confidently demonstrates the willingness and ability to defend both its own interests and the interests of the allies.For example, a firm position of Russia helped to prevent armed aggression of the US and its NATO allies against Syria.
compared with the recent past, the financial position of Russia has become much more favorable.The country is almost en
tirely external debt and managed to create an impressive foreign exchange reserves.Russia has become an important economic partner of many foreign countries, including China.Although it should be borne in mind that it is still highly dependent on the export of hydrocarbons.
noticeably changed the moral and political climate.In the "crazy 90s", which has become the personification of the impoverishment of millions of Russians imposed the cult of money, fast, easy money, unfair privatization, rampant crime, widespread apathy, cynicism, disrespect to the Russian history, traditions and values.Some people are overly enthusiastic, uncritical attitude to everything connected with the West.Now the situation is the opposite, although the negative effects arising from the above-mentioned period of time, yet manifested.
influence of the oligarchs, and behind them the financial and industrial groups are still very significant.However, the show trial ended condemning one of the biggest tycoons MBKhodorkovsky played a role."Financial Aces" are trying to comply strictly with the tacit agreement: they do not interfere in politics and pay taxes, and the state in return for not nationalize their enterprises privatized in the 90s.
Unfortunately, the standard of living of some Russians, especially in rural areas and small towns, is still very low.Therefore, there is a steady migration to large cities, especially Moscow.Today Russians can not imagine life without the Internet and travel to foreign countries (of course, if finances allow).The most popular destinations - Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Finland.