August 2 at a briefing in London, the president broke his silence for the first time spoke about the high-profile case Pussy Riot.Until now, only commented on the resonant case, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

«There is nothing good about that, - quotes RIA" Novosti "quotes the president.- I do not really want to comment on. "However, he still responded to questions from journalists: "I think if the girls would be, for example, in Israel and defiled would be something out there (you probably know that there is a pretty strong guys), simply because they there is notHe leaves. "

He also cited the example of the Caucasus: "Or would go to the Caucasus, would be desecrated some Muslim shrine - we did not even have time to take them under protection."

«I do not think that they should
be judged too severely for it.I hope they will make some conclusions themselves ", - stressed the President.At the same time, Putin nevertheless pointed out that only the court should make a final decision on the case Pussu Riot: «I hope that the court will make the right decision, reasonable."

Asked whether the topic was raised during the talks with Prime Minister David Cameron, the president replied in the negative: "No, I did not remember."The main topic of the talks was a high-ranking Syrian conflict. publication cites the opinion of one lawyer of the accused member of the group.Nikolai Polozov considers Putin's statements beginning of "radical change" in the case.Defender hopes that the court still "listen to the opinion of the president, and will consider the case more than the law."

Participants of the now world famous punk band Pussy Riot accused of hooliganism for "punk prayer" (as they call it) in the Temple of Christ the Savior "Virgin, Putin Put".Later, with the scandalous performance video posted on the Internet, which caused great public interest.Girls face up to 7 years in prison.