In a broad interpretation of the term "political system" refers to anything that has to do with the external and internal policy of the state.Therefore, this term is more capacious than the government, because it covers everything that affects the policy-setting mechanism and important issues, issues.What is the political system in Russia?
political system of the Russian Federation is clearly defined in the Constitution, adopted in December 1993.The Constitution provides for the separation of state power into legislative, executive and judicial.
Legislative power belongs to the Russian Federal Assembly, which consists of two chambers - the Federation Council and State Duma.The composition of the State Duma consists of 450 deputies elected for 4 years by secret ballot.The Federation Council is composed of representatives of the RF subjects -
regions, territories, autonomous republics, cities with special status (for 2 people from each subject).
executive power concentrated in the hands of the Government of the Russian Federation.It consists of the Prime Minister, his deputies and federal ministers.The Russian government is formed by the highest official of Russia - President.The candidature of the Prime Minister must be approved by the State Duma.In the election of the new President of the Russian Federation, according to the Constitution, the Government puts its powers.
The judiciary, according to the Russian Constitution, has full autonomy and independence of the legislature and the executive.The highest judicial system in Russia are: the Russian Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.The Constitutional Court ensures the supremacy of the Constitution throughout the territory of Russia, check the corresponding laws and regulations.The Supreme Court supervises the activities of the lower courts of general jurisdiction, including military courts (tribunals).The Supreme Arbitration Court - is the highest judicial authority in considering economic disputes and other cases within the competence of the arbitration courts.
According to the Russian Constitution, the State guarantees political pluralism and a multiparty system.That is, all political parties, regardless of the size and popularity of acting within the law, should have an equal opportunity to conduct propaganda work among the voters and break off of the purposes specified in their programs.