venue of the shares offered Marsh and Manezhnaya Square.Member of "Solidarity" movement, Mark Halperin said in a statement on Manezh Square rally.City officials refused, though, according to the law on rallies, does not require the consent of the authorities - enough to notify the organizers of the place and time of the action.Halperin called on his supporters to come to it "Manezhku" and there to express their attitude to the current political situation.

S. Udaltsov of the "Left Front" and well-known blogger A. Navalny, the author meme "the party of crooks and thieves", ask for a "march of millions" from the subway station "Oktyabrskaya" to Bolotnaya Square, where a rally will take place.The consent of the
city authorities at the time and place of the action has been received.

Information about the "march" quickly spread on the Internet.Opposition-minded citizens are going to come on May 7 in Moscow from other cities.The discussions that took place in social networks, monitored by members of law enforcement.As a result, protesters from other cities (Ryazan, St. Petersburg), was detained on the outskirts of the city.In Ufa evacuated the station.

march started at about 16:00.On the approaches to the Swamp area police blocked the entrance to the Great Stone Bridge, leaving a narrow passage.A huge mass of people could not squeeze into the "bottleneck" - the majority of it is not even suspected.The result was a huge traffic jam - the rear ranks pressed forward, the front had nowhere to go.Mobile phones do not work in a cluster of such users.Loudspeakers were heard at a distance of ten meters.Other means of communication, such as radios, organizers were not.

Udaltsov, Bulk and demanded the police to remove barricades and cordons and skip the citizens to the agreed meeting.The police ignored the requirement.To avoid the hustle and mutilation in the crowd through a loudspeaker Udaltsov ordered to sit on the ground.The front ranks heard him and sat down, but the movement continued for the rest of the column.Some demonstrators leaked wading through a narrow passage left by the police.

Since the crush did not stop, fences were torn down.Clashes of protesters and riot police.Police used pepper gas in response from the crowd flew available materials - cans, plastic bottles, sticks ... There is reason to believe that the provocateurs acted.Also suffered NTV crew - their car was pelted with garbage.Thus, the demonstrators expressed their attitude to the film "Anatomy of a protest", shot this channel.

began strict detention of protesters, including Navalny, Udaltsov and Nemtsov.Suffered several OMON.17 marchers were hospitalized.By 20:00 Swamp area was tipped by the protesters.Some of them moved to Manezh Square, some marched on Bolshaya Ordynka towards the Kremlin.Detentions continued.There were about 500 people were detained."March," according to the organizers and the media, gathered about 50 000 participants.

the same day at Poklonnaya Hill between 18:00 and 19:00 was held the meeting of the Russian Popular Front.According to police, there were about 30,000 people are estimated to journalists and bloggers - about 3000. The rally was held peacefully and without any violations.The participants were carrying flags of "United Russia", "Young Guard", "Mail of Russia", as well as posters in support of the VVPutin.Similarly, at the appointed time, the participants broke discipline.