Spies or agents referred to people who carry out intelligence assignments of other states.Agents are always aware that their actions are harmful to their state.

One can not say that Lenin was a spy.He was not recruited by foreign intelligence services and did not receive money from them.In the entire history not a single official document that would prove Lenin obtain money from the German or any other intelligence.

But if he cooperated with the structures, which carried out intelligence activities in Russia?He has worked, and how.In the struggle for the cause of world revolution were all means.And financial assistance from the German intelligence was not an exception here.Up to now I reached the document, according to which one of the companions of Lenin, Parv
us was to organize a strike over a million rubles from the German "comrades."

Germany and the Bolsheviks

In 1917, the Bolsheviks and the interests of the German government the same.And they both wanted to destroy the Russian state.That is why the Germans were allowed to train with Ilyich freely travel from Germany to Russia.It was assumed that the homeland of the Bolsheviks begin to degrade the state and the army from within.

Lenin, together with his colleagues in the sealed train crossed Switzerland and Germany.In wartime conditions this seemed incredible.Nevertheless, the car with the revolutionaries never inspected - he was able to freely reach Russia.Lenin gave not only the "untouchable" car.In Stockholm, there were sponsors who contributed to travel a considerable sum of money.Lenin wrote: "The money for the trip with us - more than I thought."

But "friendship" of Lenin and the German intelligence quickly ended.Barely received authority in Russia, Vladimir Ilyich moved troops to the territory that previously gave Germany.

Certain spy skills Lenin were still.For example, in his letters from Switzerland, he was going to move to the Russian border disguised as a deaf-mute Swede is intended to wear a wig.

US Bolsheviks

If a direct link between Lenin and foreign "sponsors" can not be traced, in the case of Leon Trotsky is different.Trotsky arrived in the US in revolutionary Russia on the boat.Along the way, he was detained in Canada, but quickly released after being intervened personally Foreign Minister Milyukov.

Although Trotsky found himself at a huge sum in those days at 10 000 dollars, no one was going to be arrested.It is not surprising, because Miliukov was the best friend of the American banker Jacob Schiff - the main "money bag" Russian revolutionaries.