July 10, 2012 at a meeting of deputies of the State Duma by a majority vote ratified the protocol on Russia's accession to the WTO, the "for" vote only members of the EP.Against the rest were eliminated from parliament: the Communist Party, CP, the Liberal Democratic Party.Deputies from the Communist Party and CP tried to delay the ratification, which filed a request with the Constitutional Court on the conformity of this act with the Basic Law of the country.According to the applicants, WTO accession poses a threat to national and economic security of Russia.As expected, the Constitutional Court found no violation of the contract and recognized as legitimate.

opposition parties there are strong arguments in favor of their position.W
TO limits protectionism, ie,the protection of the State's producers.However, in developed countries, which mainly benefit from WTO membership, a hard protectionism was a state policy during the modernization of the economy and production.Russian industry is in urgent need of modernization, however, in the absence of state protection, it will inevitably lose quality and cheaper imports.

Europe expects a second wave of crisis, which will affect our country.On the Russian ailing economy, completely dependent on the sale of raw materials, in the absence of a competitive industry, the coming upheaval will affect much heavier than in the European.Duma opposition considers WTO accession in such conditions very dangerous step for the country.

LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky on behalf said that while the WTO is long gone, and this organization will soon disintegrate.Therefore, his party does not see the point of entry into the dying organization and will vote against the ratification of the treaty.

serious trouble of joining the WTO, Russian farmers are waiting for, as an agreement with for curbing government support for agriculture.These agreements also provide for the alignment of external and domestic gas prices.Thus, Russia is waiting for the inevitable increase in the growth of prices for all products that are manufactured using gas fuel.