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In modern politics and paperwork communique realize a documented list of agreements / requirements and basic provisions.Stable expression is also a "joint communique", as is often the communique is the result of politicians and diplomats of several countries at international conferences.

very first prototypes of the communique dated 6 thousand years BCand are the fruit of the efforts of Egyptian diplomats - scribes.They constitute, in the presence of the kings of different parts of Egypt and were "the agreement of the gods" (the Pharaoh in Egypt was considered the son of the sun god Ra).

should be noted that the communique received extensive development in the XX century, with the development of democracy an
d media.Monarchs solved most of the issues in person, it was not required for this broad public support.Modern politicians and public figures are the representatives of social groups, so they often need to appeal to the public.

media and communiqués

Modern science refers to the communiqué of the official style.Journalists believe the communique a form of a press release.Definitely, we can find similarity: an official document announcing the decision of the board of several organizations (countries).Besides, in most cases communiqué be published.


One of the samples can be considered a communiqué drawn up by representatives of the English nobility and King John Landless "Magna Carta."The "Charter" spells out the basic agreement between the feudal lords and the English monarchy;in particular, the prescribed cancel any taxes and duties, in addition to the legally prescribed.

Many people mistakenly believe this document is the Constitution, but more accurately be considered "Carta" the communique, which led to its creation."Charter" is not a law, but the impact on the creation of the British constitution.The document was drawn up on the "dead language theologians" - Latin.We can say that the "Charter" is not an official agreement has become such because of the lack of other documents at this level.This trend is common in diplomacy so far - the communiqué are not international agreements, may become so because of special circumstances.

How to make a communiqué

made by the communique must be as short as possible and clearly state the situation on a particular issue, whether summarizing the summit, a conference or business meeting.If you are going to publish a communiqué to the media, you must perform two mandatory conditions.First, the theme of the communique to be socially significant (otherwise it was meaningless compilation of the work).Second, the communiqué should be placed in the relevant (with the right audience) journals.