Tip 1: How to influence the presidential elections

Upcoming elections Russian President today cause many disagreements.One is the question of voters in the position to influence their outcome.But do not forget that the citizens of the country form the ruling elite.
Go vote.No one can decide the fate of the country, in addition to its citizens.That is why, wanting to really affect the outcome of the presidential elections, do not sit at home on polling day, and go to your polling station.Do not forget that you should have a passport.
urged to vote their friends and acquaintances.Today, many people do not want to go to elections due to the fact they do not see the point.In Russia, it is assumed that everything is already decided, and citizens have no influence.You will have to take responsibility in explaining the return at least a narrow circle of people.After all, the voters forms the ruling elite.
Join the observers.It is these volunteers keep order at polling stations and ensure accurate count.You can become an o
bserver as a representative of the opposition party, or the media.In addition, you can obtain this status through projects "Citizen Observer» (http://nabludatel.org/) or "Democratic Choice» (http://4dek.ru/watch.htm).For beginners in this business there are plenty of workshops and other training seminars.
Take part in the election campaign of a candidate, you want to win.If you are undecided on their choice and wish with all my heart the victory of one candidate, you can join his support group.Get in touch with the party he represents (or his staff in the case of self-nomination) and learn about job openings, offer your help, tell us about what you can do for them.

Tip 2: How will the holidays in Egypt

change of power at the end of June 2012, the Central Election Commission of Egypt announced that the head of state elected Mohammed Mursi.The leader of the previously banned Islamist party in Egypt, "Muslim Brotherhood" Morsi came to power at the end of a tense struggle in the second round.Russian citizens have expressed concerns that a change of power could adversely affect the tourist holiday in the African country.
How will the rest in Egypt, the change of power

Ambassador of Egypt to Russia Alaa Elhadidi held in Moscow at the press conference tried to allay the fears of Russian tourists associated with the coming to power of radical Islamists.Mohammed Mursi, after winning the election ceased membership in the organization "Brotherhood Islamists", fulfilling its campaign promises.Independence from political forces in the country allows Mursi to call himself "president for all Egyptians."

Earlier in the press have been reports that in case of victory in the election of the Islamist leader tourists from other countries will face restrictions.It was about to come under Egyptian beaches on the female and male, a sharp reduction in the sale of alcoholic drinks, the ban on the appearance of women in public places in a bikini.Ambassador of Egypt assured the journalists that such restrictions in the country, which enjoys stable popularity among tourists from Russia, will not be introduced.

Revenues from the tourism industry make up more than 10% of Egypt's gross domestic product.In this area of ​​the economy employing around half the country's population.Therefore, no leader will not risk and make decisions that can adversely affect the development of tourism, said Alaa Elhadidi.As an example, the Egyptian ambassador has led Turkey, which, being a Muslim country, not imposed similar restrictions for tourists.

Experts note that after the presidential elections in Egypt, the situation is calm, there is no reason to worry.At the same time remain in place travel advisories as possible not to visit the major cities of the country not to become unwitting victims of political opposition groups, the probability of which is not entirely be ruled out.The safest and still remain attractive for Russians Red Sea resorts.

Helpful Hint
protests on election day or defacing of ballots will not give any result, except, perhaps, problems with the law for you personally.So try to choose a peaceful and legal way influence the election results.