In the film "The Lost Day War" senior former military officials claim that the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree about the beginning of military actions in Georgia with a delay of one day.This problem, according to them, has provoked the death of many people.

At the same time they oppose the current leader of the former president of Russia - Putin's decisive.In the film are the words that a true leader is one who is not afraid of losing his reputation, but not compatriots;one who would not hesitate to a time when blood is shed.

film "Lost Day War" is devoted to the beginning of the war in South Ossetia in August 2008.Throughout the 47-minute pattern can be traced desire to sh
ow the weakness of Dmitry Medvedev as the president, strategy and tactics.The film, with its figure indirectly linked the attack itself and Georgia.2008 called for Saakashvili's convenient because it "felt weak", "appointment of a new Supreme Commander of Georgia gave an impetus for decisive action."

involved in the film "Lost Day War" and Yuri Baluyevsky - former chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (until June 2008).In the film, he says that Medvedev did not want to take the necessary decision, having lowered it to the level of the district commander.According to Baluyevsky, who also sounded in the film, even Putin once an indication of the need for a military response to the Georgian attack, but in Moscow "at the top level" afraid of responsibility, "have not yet received a kick from Vladimir Putin in Beijing."

Baluyevsky himself to give any comments refused media.A man in his entourage confirmed the participation of the general in this film, but refused to name the authors.Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin told reporters that Georgia's response thought for three days, as it was a very responsible decision.