Taisiya Osipova Political activity began in 2000, when she became a member of the National Bolshevik Party, Eduard Limonov created.Taisiya was a correspondent of the party newspaper "general line."At this time, she met her future husband, Sergei Fomchenkova.

In 2003 Osipova during a speech Viktor Maslov, the governor of the Smolensk region, struck him in the face with flowers, shouting: "You are getting fat at the expense of ordinary people!" During this incident, she was sentenced to one year imprisonment on charges in the article "violenceagainst a representative of authorities. "

Osipova's lawyer appealed the verdict, but the result was disappointing.After a retrial Osipova was convicted even for "hooli
ganism" and received one and a half year prison sentence suspended for two years with the prohibition to relocate.

In 2005 the couple had a daughter Katrina and Taisia ​​became involved in her upbringing, and Sergei moved from Smolensk to Moscow in order to continue political activity.

In November 2010, Osipova was arrested on charges of possessing and distributing drugs.During a search of her house found nine grams of heroin and labeled 500 ruble banknote.According to the results of the judicial examination of drug Taisia ​​was diagnosed with "opiate addiction the second stage."

Party activists "Other Russia" sure Taisia ​​condemned to put pressure on Fomchenkova.Witness maintained that during the search, she was offered to testify against her husband, and when she refused, she planted drugs.December 29, 2011 Taisiya Osipova was sentenced to ten years in prison.

In February 2012, it was included in the "list of political prisoners", discussed later Genprokuratoroy.After the revised case, in August 2012 Osipova was convicted on two counts of charges of selling drugs (instead of four), and changed the sentence to eight years in a penal colony.