kindergarten teachers and teachers know - in almost every community there are children are children who do not act up, do not weep bitterly, do not defend their own opinions with all the ardor of youth extremism - not at all.They "tihushnik."Quiet, corrosive, bring to a white heat, and others almost always get their way.
principle Italian strike is about the same: quiet, corrosive, without excesses and seek his loud statements.With one caveat - "tihushnik" should not be alone.
All requirements of employers are met, all instructions are observed.Moreover, they are not simply observed, they run from point to point.Persistently and rigorously.
If the instructions say that the files should be prosteplereny staples
number 8 prodyrokoleny and bound with string number 3, then rest assured: if the employee office will not appear staples number 8 and strings number 3, and will bepaper clips and string even with a small, but a deviation, the files will not be processed.The employee will not violate any nuance instructions.
Meticulous compliance with labor laws and regulations, which are particularly fond of releasing budgetary state organizations - the main instrument of employees who decide to defend their rights, using the methods and principles of the Italian strike.
for efficiency and results, it is important only that this kind of strike has been involved the whole team.Critical mass and cohesion.
If a company or organization is private, the principle of mass is particularly important, lest the opposite effect when the employer, using his power to punish il pardon - to dismiss or promote, - decided to apply the effect of psychological mobbing inaddress one or more employees.
In principle, the Italian strike - an extremely effective measure impacts on the employer and competent leaders know this from historical experience.The best of them are trying to prevent this type of protest, in order to then not disentangle their effects.
Legally - all legally.Employees in time come to their jobs, they are not sitting idle, they perform their normal work.But, at the same time, they are not in the least take his leave from the requirements: second in the second minute comply with the provisions for rest and lunch break, never do over the position.Perseverance, and especially much zeal in getting effective results from the process is expected of them, too, is not necessary.
history, unfortunately, has not kept accurate information about who used a similar protest for the first time more than a hundred years ago - Italian police il Italian the railway, but the fact remains that the action of striking the Italians were so effective,that remained in the history of not only the country, the first to apply this method, this type of protest appeared numerous followers around the world.
Simply put, the Italian strike - an obligatory presence in the workplace at an absolute simulation workflow.
Imitation rapid action, simulation works with minimal interest in the result of it - devastating for any economy, for any business.