Tip 1: What can be the crisis of 2012

Outlook 2012 troubles many people.And it can not be called an accident.A large number of the most important political events can give the direction of development in many situations, including crisis .
In 2012, the elections of the new president of the Russian Federation.In the same year in China, will take place the XVIII Congress of the Communist Party.In November 2012, the United States also will choose the next president.Each of these events is crucial.It is able to set the direction of the movement and to change the balance of political forces.It becomes clear why 2012 can be called the year of the battle for the dollar and against him, for domination of the planet, for control of the melting natural cataclysm resursami.Vozmozhny dollar should occur in such a way that for him was able to answer those who today received the NobelPeace Prize.After all, the possible collapse of the American dream should be its author.And when you consider that the United States is gaining momentum a second wave of
crisis, to predict the development of the world financial collapse neprosto.Tem very least, to date, the US dollar is one of the liquid assets.On it rests a large part of the economic circulation, denominated price of oil, metals and grains.In an unstable financial stability, liquidity is sufficient demand factor.So do not be afraid that such an investment asset, the dollar suddenly disappear.This situation will continue as long as the government went out and brought the effective ways to solve the problems.It is not excluded that the US dollar over time cease to be the main reserve currency.Confirmation of such a variant of future events can be considered the fact that China is gradually getting rid of dollar reserves.In addition, Russia and China have carried out mutual settlements in national currencies.The worst in this situation is the fact that the US government, forced to pay its huge debts, will not be able to stop a certain point, "the printing press."This means that a huge mass of unsecured paper dollars will increase, only exacerbating the situation.Here in this moment may come a real economic crisis in the United States with all its consequences.To suggest that the crisis will pass Russia, it would be simply naive.The problems which provoked the first wave of the crisis in the US, have not disappeared completely.In addition, there are serious problems in the European economy.All this, of course, indirectly touches and Russia.Do not expect that on the background of the world crisis processes occur an increase in demand for raw materials, which is the basis of Russian exports, on which the state budget.Naturally, the growth rate of the Russian economy will keep up to crisis indicators.Among other things, it may continue falling ruble, which respond very negatively on the purchasing power naseleniya.Vot turns out that Russia may be at the mercy of the problems already facing America and Europe.All hope of the Russian Federation to ensure that the crisis 2011-2012 did not last, and the Russians have the strength and holding the government measures.

Tip 2: What could be the financial crisis

Many economists, politicians, experts, astrologers, psychics, and ordinary people are trying to predict the future options for the global financial crisis, seriously faltering economy of many countries.To what unpleasant consequences can lead the world population the financial downturn and the global economy will gradually rehabilitated, returning to normal?
What could be the financial crisis
People who do not occupy important posts in the Central Bank of the world powers can only guess about the true causes of the crisis, expressing all kinds of assumptions on the timing of the end of the economic disasters.Most experts believe that the current crisis will last several years, reflected negatively on the welfare and lives of many people in the world.The real sector of the economy of many countries will experience a significant slowdown.There will be a significant decline in production, as is almost universally reduced the number of real money supply, effective demand, while rising prices for electricity, gas, water and increased interest rates on loans.Some analysts believe that the second wave of the crisis will come in 2012-2015 gg., With a new financial crisis will be much more severe and relentless current.It can contribute to a sharp rise and then collapse in oil prices, which is detrimental impact on the economy of many countries, including Russia.Russian Federation expects hyperinflation and rising food prices.There are opinions that the US dollar will cease to exist in the world as a universal means of payment, but this information, many experts economic and political processes is considered absurd and totally justified.Among the most frightening predictions - the beginning of World War III against the backdrop of global financial turmoil.Serious adverse consequences predict and Europe.It is believed that the difficult economic situation there will soon reach its climax, but the collapse of the European Union and the euro will manage to avoid liquidation by the monetization of public debt and reforming the composition of the participants.The scenario of complete collapse of the European Union is extremely disadvantageous for the major lenders and creators of the financial system, so some countries have yet to leave the European Union and into the float, no longer having the insurance in the form of a life buoy the EU.
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