As the saying goes - making a difference: in Moscow violent methods of fighting the so-called power elite - the two branches of government - in Kiev, took to the streets the citizens of the country, protesting against the corrupt government in breach of its contract with the chosen people, and perverted the Constitution.In Moscow, the Russian people are not put forward any claims to any of the branches of government.In Kiev, Ukrainian citizens immediately put forward a number of conditions, and they are elected by the President and deputies demanded their execution.


By the fall of 1993, the confrontation between Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the S
upreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, headed by Speaker Ruslan Khasbulatov reached its climax.Each side tried to monopolize power.As folk wisdom says: "Which party in Russia has not been created, you still get the Communist Party."Each of the parties sought to create a "Party" to usurp the power in their hands and thus to govern the country and, more importantly, its resources.In late September, Yeltsin signed a decree №1400 of direct presidential rule than translated mechanism discussion confrontation in violent.Yes, lots of people took to the streets to support Boris Yeltsin, but on the same street was also a considerable number of supporters and defenders of the White House.And the order to shoot snipers its defenders still many can not forgive Yeltsin.


the first night of the confrontation on the Maidan in Kiev, at the call of the journalist Mustafa Nayem, left, according to various estimates, between two and five thousand angry citizens of Ukraine.This is the way to form a "Popular Assembly", who felt that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, refused to pressure Russia to sign the agreement with the EU on the European integration, thereby betrayed his people."People's Chamber" to demand the return arrangements with the EU, and the resignation of Yanukovych's government and a return to the 2004 Constitution, providing for a parliamentary republic, not presidential.It should be recalled that after coming to power, the Constitution of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has changed "under him."Not that night, or later, on the side of Yanukovych did not stand up even to his colleagues on "Party of Regions".


Moscow in October 1993, a few days plunged into chaos and anarchy - in the local civil war - Moscow - scale.By and large, neither the security forces nor the citizens of the country not ruled none of the warring parties.Employees unit "Alfa" Yeltsin refused to obey orders to storm the White House, however, came to the aid of regular military units that are produced from large-caliber guns shelling the building, after which there was a fire.

Ruslan Khasbulatov and Vice President Aleksandr Rutskoi Russia failed to organize how whatsoever effective power support.By and large, according to eyewitnesses, all decided case, although Boris Yeltsin was ready and the helicopter and escape plan.

But history does not know the subjunctive mood and Boris Yeltsin failed coup, bend under him all branches of government, creating a comfortable Constitution "by itself", excluding the parliamentary-presidential government.All this took place to loud assurances need to implement liberal reforms.Russia embarked on the path of personalism, almost autocracy.It is still not investigated the death of 157 people killed in those days.

Kyiv In Kiev on Independence Square was not a civil war.It is going confrontation between the people and the legitimate President, whose management has ceased to hold the people of Ukraine.The opposition was also legitimate, since the Constitution of almost all the democratic countries, not excluding the Ukraine, citizens are guaranteed the right to free expression and rallies.

situation is exacerbated by several times.Especially in February, when police received and fulfilled the order on the hard crackdown on peaceful people, mostly students, after which the streets of Kiev on the Maidan left hundreds of thousands of angry citizens.The people of Ukraine came out strongly for the defense of their constitutional rights and freedoms.The second tough confrontation happened in February, killing more than a hundred civilians and employees of power structures.The investigation is underway.

But despite heavy casualties, the people of Ukraine managed to achieve almost all advanced in those days conditions: the election of a new President, the signing of the agreement with the EU, a return to the 2004 Constitution, the resignation of the parliament and new elections collaborationist it.Externally imposed civil war develops in the domestic definitely slowed down the democratic reforms and transformations, however, the determination of the Ukrainians to transform his country does not cease.