Whoever you are, you carry out reforms in a vacuum will not.You probably have some staff depending on you people who as a result of this reform should get some benefit and begin to work better, which, of course, would be beneficial for the state, and your affairs as well.If you collect something to change a method different from the revolution to begin to warn those most dependent people and ask for their opinions - and they need something there all this? ..
No need to climb with the transformations immediatelywith a running start. reforms - a delicate matter, there should be a special attitude towards the issue.To start grasps well the current situation.Respond clearly to the questions that I'm going to change?why should
I change it?I want it to achieve?Make a list of what you lose, and what you will gain and the opportunity to vote on the most objective, is it worth it.
next step - notification.More dependent on you explain to people who are, like you, win or suffer from the changes that you will be doing and how.Give to the judgment of the people of your detailed plan of action and a list of what you need to carry out reforms.Let them be confident in you as people - it is this: if you are rested, you are no reforms can not move it.Explain to the people that reforms are needed organization and possibly connect them to the development of the project.
reforms - this transformation, and transformation in a moment are not made.You can not throw all the old dishes from the shelves (and as we would like, is not it?) And make a new one.As long as you do not buy new utensils in your kitchen to be old, because otherwise there is no place to store food reserves.Therefore turn to your plan several stages of reform, it is logical to follow each other and arranged to make the transition to a brighter future of the least painful.
When it has already been done, be sure to take care to preserve and strengthen the achieved results.We can not allow you spent "treatment" had a negative impact on the state to give you the care of "the body".Therefore, your work will not end with the end of the transformation;You expect a lot more sleepless nights and days of operation.But the result is worth it - as skillfully conducted, were unsuccessful reforms - the constant path to prosperity.