US Congress - is one of powers established by the law of the country.It consists of two parts - the Senate and the House of Representatives.The presence of two chambers allows the state to ensure a balance between the interests of different social groups.This system balances that is not in the unicameral parliament, considered optimal for a democratic state.
The main function of the US parliament - preparation, discussion and final adoption of legislative acts, which are then sent for approval to the head of state.The powers of the US Congress
, in contrast to the parliaments of a number of other countries, is quite wide.This maintenance of the army, and printing money and regulate the relations between administrative units.The competence of that body is also a declaration of war, and to amend the country's constitution.
Have Congress and control functions.It monitors the implementation of state policy in the field of taxation.American Parliament has the right to oversee the actions of the executive branch, as well as to conduct appropriate investigations.Congress may be called for this purpose, high-ranking officials, organizing large-scale hearing.Usually such events are widely reported in the media.
task of the US Congress is also a division of powers with the president on the formation of domestic and foreign policy.The President has the right to conclude foreign treaties, but because they come only after discussion and approval in the Senate.The legislature has the right to declare war, but the commander of the armed forces remains the head of state.
One of the features of Parliament in the United States is the definition of the principles of representation in this body that has repeatedly changed.Now members of Congress are elected by direct vote of residents of the state, whose interests will be the people's choice.Until 1913, not yet adopted a corresponding amendment to the Constitution, senators were elected legislatures of the several States, and members of the House of Representatives - the voters.
meetings of the House and Senate, as a rule, take place in different rooms of the Capitol.But from time to time both parts of Parliament are going to address the most important issues in the joint meetings.The reason for these measures may be, for example, the annual appeal or presidential vote count in the presidential elections.