George Washington - the founder of the United States, is the first president.He lost his father.In his early years he worked as a surveyor and participated in expeditions organized by Lord Fairfax.Thanks Lord, and the resulting inherited estates, became a planter.In 1752, at the age of 20 he took part in an armed conflict against the Indians and the French.He visited a prisoner of the enemy.Following the resignation of the rank of colonel, engaged in arrangement estates and married.He lived in Virginia and was one of the richest planters of the country.However, new clashes with Britain, Washington was forced to return to the Continental Army, where he was elected chief.From that moment began the political life of the first president of the United States.
16th US President Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 into a family of poor
and uneducated farmers.Young Lincoln worked on the field, earned a lumberjack, a surveyor, a boatman and a postman.I do not forget about self, and read a lot of books.In 1830, his father left the family and worked as a teacher.At night he studied science.He had a desire to become a blacksmith, but after meeting with the judge became interested in law.He soon settled postmaster, allowing him to read political newspapers.Self-taught law and passed the exam for the title of lawyer.Also, the future president was a good speaker.His political career began with the election of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Illinois.
Franklin Roosevelt was elected 4 times for the US presidency.He was born into a wealthy family known.He received a good education, he graduated from law school and received the right to practice law.He worked at a big firm.In 1921, Franklin contracted polio, and sat on a wheelchair.However, this did not stop him from active politics and in 1928 was elected governor of New York.And 4 years later, Roosevelt became president.Few believed that wheelchair users to reach such heights.Franklin was able to become one of the central figures of world events of the last century.
Ronald Reagan in the 14 years he worked as a laborer in the circus.In high school, moonlighting as a lifeguard on the beach and it is said that he saved 77 drowning.Bill Clinton was a counselor at a children's camp and the seller in a grocery store in Arkansas.George W. Bush was working as a laborer.In his student years he worked as a salesman of sporting goods.The current US President Barack Obama as a teenager was selling ice cream.He also prepared the sandwiches at the grocery store and distributed souvenirs.