word "vacuum" is translated from the Latin means empty.So-called free space on the substance.Under the ideological vacuum understand the absence of the dominant (single) ideology of the state and society.

Norms and images

ideology - a logical system of ideals and values, allows a person to develop some understanding of reality.

values ​​are a kind of rules by which people distinguish between actions, events, concepts.Values ​​have them positive or negative values.For example, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, freedom and slavery.

ideals reflect the fictional images of the future.They correspond to the dreams and expectations of members of certain groups in society.The pursuit of the ideals of the movement is transformed into a inviting, inspiring goals.

Each has its own

ideology represents the interests of certain social groups.Justifies
the social order which they want to install.And criticizes the fact that these groups do not like.

bearers of ideology are the political parties.They are competing with each other, come to power.And sets its own ideology in society.


State strives for permanence and stability, which is achieved by the political and social consolidation.Home role in this process is given ideology.

However, true free, democratic state unanimity forcibly implanted.After all, society includes a large number of social groups.And they all have the right to ensure that their interests were taken into account and implemented.

But the presence of a number of different parties, movements, movements, does not contribute to the unification of the nation.It becomes clear and attractive to the majority of citizens the political, social and moral compass.Some social groups can not identify common goals and ways to achieve them.

When society and the state has no ideology that accepts and supports most (people), it is an ideological vacuum.

One for all

guarantor of social cohesion is the national ideology.It reflects people's perceptions of themselves, of the state in which they live.His role and place in the world community.

national idea in the first place, based on patriotism.This is its core.He makes people believe in themselves, fills them with creative energy.Patriotism brings together representatives of different social groups.

In the legal democratic state, the national idea - self-developing system.It strengthens the political argument and debate, in dealing with other ideologies.