concept and basic principles of nationalism

Nationalism - is ideological-political direction, which is based on the principle values ​​of unity and the primacy of the nation in the process of formation and development of the state.Nationalism emerged in the early 18th century, during the revolutions in France and America.Today it is over one of the popular ideologies in the world, which has found many followers.

fundamental principles of the ideology of nationalism is a policy based on exclusivity and superiority of their nation, the recognition of the primacy of ethnicity in social development, the confrontation of interests of one nation to the other, chauvinism, the desire for isolation, independence and the creation of a national state without the admixture of other nations.

Is nationalism a threat?

This question is difficult to answer unequivocally.Nationalism can benefit and harm to the state, depending on what the State intended to.As we know from history, inspired by the idea of ​​society is developing much faster.Nationalism, for the most part, is an idea, and such an idea that should appeal to many, those who are no stranger to the patriotic feelings and love for their homeland.This is a great opportunity to unite different people, finding they had something in common, and cultivating it.However, to maintain such a cohesive state and national spirit needed the threat from the outside.In the absence of an external enemy, unity fades into the background, giving way to more mundane purposes and problems, and the society is divided into smaller groups on other grounds and interests other than national ones.

Nationalism is well manifested in the states of ethnic and national integrity.In multi-ethnic state in the promotion of nationalism, it may take more severe forms, such as Nazism and racism.Nationalism can not be called a direct political threat, but related, tougher course with serious propaganda can lead to chaos and a state crisis.We can say that radical nationalism has nothing to do with true patriotic values.Having a form, it can carry a lot of threats and not only of a political nature.Nationalism in the form of radical breeds hatred and can lead to terrible consequences of war.