Spanish king has long been involved in humanitarian activities, as chairman of the World Wildlife Fund.The award in the form of a medal and a diploma of the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation was presented to him during a ceremony in the Kremlin, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Russian President delivered a fiery speech in which he listed all the merits of the King of Spain in front of our country on the part of the promotion of moral and humanistic ideals.Calling Juan Carlos I honored guest and a true friend, he invited him to visit the most friendly state.

In turn, the King of Spain expressed his condolences to Russian families affected by floods in the Kuban.And also he said that most of them received the award will be used to restore the temples one of the Spanish ci
ties of Lorca, which was destroyed by an earthquake.

In addition, Juan Carlos drew his attention to the effective development of friendly relations between our peoples and expressed hope for their further strengthening.Solemn official part was over the heads of the two communication format a bilateral meeting to discuss not only political, but not unimportant economic relations between Spain and Russia.

No less intensive dialogue took place between the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Juan Carlos I. ITEMS DISCUSSED facilitate the visa regime between the two countries and trade relations.The Prime Minister congratulated the Spanish people in the face of the king with a fantastic victory in the football championship."Red Fury" has once again achieved the title of champion of the continent.

Monarch Spanish State expressed great appreciation for the friendly visit.And also wished that the Russian-Spanish cooperation was maintained in the future.