political conflict is a kind (and the result) of a competitive interaction between two or more parties, individuals, groups, states that challenged each other's powers or resources.Each of the parties to the conflict, as a rule, intended not just one but a whole set of goals.The conflict - a phenomenon objectively subjective, which is typical of relations in society.Universal harmony, by definition, does not happen and can not be.

political conflict involves tough opposition, at the forefront of which are the people.Manifestations of conflict politically sensitive in a society are strikes, rallies, resistance opinions and views in the media.The cause of political conflict are economic, social inequality.Acting on the minds of the masses, politicians achieve their goals.Typically, the n
umber of victims, no one pays attention, if it is not profitable to seize power.

In the development of any conflict goes through several stages: sharpening of contradictions, crisis, increased tension, conflict.

Subspecies vertical conflict

There are several types of political conflict.Status and role conflicts occur because of social or economic inequality.Most often, seeing the results appear quite quickly, but the results in fact not.Because of these trends are played out with serious strikes and conflicts.The result achieved at the cost of human lives and spend a large amount of material resources.As a result, they are available a variety of political freedom, sovereignty, but only for the first time.Over time, the denial of human rights begins again.Full resolution of the conflict in society is possible only with the elimination of its root causes.

Regime conflicts tend to affect society, but does not bring any changes to it.The change of power takes place fairly quickly, often conflicting government, the people acts as support for a particular party.

Conflicts of interests, needs, values ​​have the same features.Part of the society under the patronage of the opposition party claims that their rights are infringed.After lengthy strikes government usually makes concessions.Such actions of ordinary people, and can lead to the overthrow of the government.

Varieties of political conflicts in society are not clearly separated, ie not have the same direction - they are mixed together and may include regime change, and conflict of interest.In most cases, conflicts including the public, allow the opposition to seize power in all spheres of activity.