Casual lunch

For maximum convenience and time savings in the presidential residence (in Russia, the Kremlin, the White House in the United States, the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, the presidential palace in Poland, etc.) all over the world are special diningRooms with private chefs.

President of the Russian Federation can conduct their daily meals in a special hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.Currently preparing dinner for President Vladimir Putin engaged chefs from the Federal Security Service.For safety reasons, these chefs cook for the president in his home or in a separate kitchen in the bui
lding of the Kremlin.All products are tested by special equipment.Cooked food is placed in sealed flasks.In addition to lunch at home and in the Kremlin, the Russian president sometimes dines at their favorite restaurants, with preference for institutions with Russian cuisine, such as the restaurant "Royal Hunt".

President Barack Obama is usually lunch with colleagues in the Oval Room of the White House.Preparing food for his personal chef.Increasingly popular in America, there are cases where Barack Obama has lunch in ordinary cafes and eateries, ordering a hamburger with fries or hot dogs, and even performing Night queue along with other visitors.He likes to dine at sidewalk cafes and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa - he goes to dine and drink coffee without protection on the road talking to people and answering their questions.

Dinners at official meetings

Dinners at the official meeting of the President with delegations from other countries are mostly used for diplomatic protocol, which includes a certain etiquette and ceremonial.The diplomatic dinner is considered one of the most solemn forms of reception.The minutes of international meetings with the participation of the presidents have their own characteristics in different countries.Depending he cultural traditions, forms of government, diplomatic dinners can be more or less solemn, magnificent, or democratic.

widely practiced application of this kind of official international meetings as meetings "without ties" - such activities are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and free-form.In such meetings, the presidents of different countries can dine in the restaurant of local cuisine, while discussing issues of national importance.