It all began with a message Sobchak microblog Twitter.Xenia wrote that "the chairman of GIOP Makarov requested a list of Jews working in the committee, and fired."In the same record, she explained that although the information and very strange, but it was officially confirmed, some high-ranking officials.

Makarov himself, or rather, the press service of the Committee immediately refuted this statement.In the release, it was explained that the reason for dismissal in the major organization can be just incompetence but not belonging to a particular nationality.Also, officials reported that the chairman of the committee has never requested from subordinates no lists and no one fired and KGIOP will continue to operate accor
ding to staffing, which was approved earlier.

In the same press release Ksenia Sobchak warn that she should immediately apologize to Alexander Makarov, and as publicly as she insulted him.And at the same time submit the names of high-ranking people who allegedly confirmed the information about the upcoming layoffs of Jews.In addition, the presenter recommended to remove the scandalous record of his microblog.

itself Sobchak responded to all these statements with obvious amazement.She commented on what is happening: "They are crazy, Well I wrote that I was told and opened quotes.And she wrote that infa, to put it mildly, strange. "

Meanwhile Alexander Makarov sued Ksenia Sobchak in the Tver Court of Moscow.According to rumors the official assessed the moral damage of 10 million rubles.Makarov amount of the claim itself is not publicly specify.However, he claims that if he wins the case, the money does not take, and will direct the restoration of one of the music schools in St. Petersburg.