opposition Azerbaijan government makes accusations of violating human rights and freedoms, as well as the illegal persecution of dissidents.One of the requirements of the opposition - the release of political prisoners and the holding of early parliamentary elections.The most painful problem of Azerbaijan - the presence in prisons "prisoners of conscience", which the opposition considers political prisoners.It is believed that in Azerbaijan there are more than 60 prisoners persecuted for political reasons.

One of the last major protest was held near the building of the Public TV of Azerbaijan took part in the organization of the musical contest "Eurovision".As a result of the intervention of law en
forcement forces of several dozen protesters were arrested and taken outside Baku.

idea that music competition in Baku may become a platform for political demands, was born in a coalition of human rights activists in Azerbaijan back in 2011.He was picked up by a bright slogan for the campaign: "Sing for Democracy".The campaign was attended by young people, students, activists of the opposition parties.The campaign was conceived as a large-scale event, including flash mobs, "round tables" for journalists, press conferences.The main goal of the protests - to lift the beautiful facade of public life, what are his official Baku authorities, and to show the real problems with freedom of speech in the country.

In support of the protest movement by the International human rights organization Amnesty International.Deputy Head of the organization in Europe John Dalhoyzen urged the organizers of the international competition to engage in dialogue with official Baku in a harsh tone.The annual Amnesty International report noted numerous violations of human rights in Azerbaijan.The authorities strongly condemned the politicization of "Eurovision" and accused the human rights defenders of bias and lies.