Naladte contacts with the media.During the race, such cooperation could be of great service.Media is the easiest channel by which you can attract the attention of the general public.Therefore constant dialogue with journalists, the establishment of friendly relations should be the main objective of the preparatory phase of the campaign.
Think and prepare news pretexts with which to refer to their target audience.The more often in the pages of newspapers and magazines will appear the name of your candidate, the more you can influence the results presidential elections .It should be noted that it is important to not only the number of references, but also their character.The media should s
peak about running for president activist extremely positive.
pursue an active social activities.The more noticeable it is, the better your chances to influence the unfolding situation.For example, the ruling president tries in the last months before the elections, not to carry out any action that may cause strong repercussions.This is due to the fact that his position can not disappoint the voters, otherwise they will give their vote to another applicant.
Watch your actions, and do not comment on the actions of their opponents.The desire to "open the eyes" to the electorate on your competitors can be quite strong, but remember that talking about other candidates for the presidency, you thereby influence the public opinion, and hence the outcome of the election in general.Every word you say can be free advertising for your opponent.Before making such a statement, think about whether you really want to promote his rival at his own expense.
convince voters that their vote means a lot to the country's future.The more people vote, the more likely that the country will govern the type of person who was selected by the electorate, rather than the ruling party.