Taisiya Osipova was born on August 26, 1984 in Smolensk, she spent her childhood there.After graduation, she married a member of the executive committee of the party "Other Russia" Sergei Fomchenkova and moved to Moscow.Together they raise their six-year daughter, Katrina.

Active girl became manifest in 2003, when she got a job as a correspondent of the newspaper "general line."At one public event Osipova hit a bunch of carnations head of administration of the Smolensk region Viktor Maslov, saying thus: "You live by the simple Smolyan, here you greetings from the NBP!".As a result, a criminal case and the verdict rendered Taisiya - 1 year imprisonment.

autumn 2010 Osipova was arrested, and on December 29, 2011 the hearing and at the hearing proved the guilt of t
he accused.The presiding judge of the court Zadneprovsky Smolensk ENDvoryanchikovym was convicted of Part 3 of Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code.

punishment was severe - 10 years in prison.February 15, 2012 in response to a complaint filed by lawyers appeal the court's decision was overturned Smolensk Regional Court and the case was sent for review.Judgment of August 28, 2012 Taisiya was awarded a sentence of 8 years in prison.At the same time the prosecutor asked for a total of 4, below the lower limit of the minimum sanction sane article.

Dmitry Medvedev met with students of Moscow State University in January 2012, expressed his opinion about what is happening.In view of the current at the time of the president, the sentence imposed by the court Osipova too hard.Lawyers girl sure that the case of Taisiya Osipova fabricated evidence planted.All these activities are conducted by law enforcement agencies to put pressure on her husband Taisia.

Osipova Advocates believe that in fact a lot of uncertainties.For example, all the witnesses in the case secret, the testimony of these people are confused and not always can be considered unique.In addition, in a lot of contradictions and inaccuracies.

She pleaded not guilty, she is confident that she slipped drugs.A detailed photography and video shooting during the search was necessary only for the subsequent encrypted informing witnesses.

Daughter convicted under the care of her husband's sister Olga.Taisia ​​has a number of diseases: diabetes, pyelonephritis, hypertension, etc.The Kremlin is ready to consider a petition for clemency.Continuing to hold rallies in defense Osipova, supporters believe her innocence and require acquittal.