Society - is a complex structure that is in constant motion.It consists of groups of individuals who come together on a territorial basis, at the place of work (study) or profession.Within a society are a lot of social position and status, as well as social functions.In addition, the company includes a wide variety of norms and values.Ties that occur between these elements, and determine the social structure.
organic theory of society is regarded as a living organism, and considers that it also includes various organs and systems (digestive, circulatory, and so forth.).Comte distinguishes as a social organism regulatory authorities (management), production (agriculture, industry), distribution (road trading system).The key institution is considered to be a public
body's management, including the state, the church and the legal system.
According to supporters of Marxism, in the public system distinguish between basic and superstructural component.The decisive element is considered an economic (basic).A suspension formation in the face of state law, the church was considered secondary.Understanding the social structure Marxists shared material and the manufacturing sector (the economy), social (people, economic classes and nations), political (the state, the party and the trade unions) and the spiritual sphere (psychological, value, social component).
most popular understanding of the society that uses modern sociology, T. Parsons was proposed.He proposed to consider the society as a kind of social system.The latter, in turn, is part of the action.According to proponents of the system approach, the company consists of four sub-systems, each of which performs its functions.Societal system is the way to the integration of people and social groups in society, it consists of behavioral norms.That it is the core of society.Cultural subsystem is responsible for the preservation of cultural identity and the reproduction of the typical behavior and includes a set of values.The political system is aimed at achieving the objectives of the societal subsystems.Economic subsystem provides the interaction with the material world.
Some researchers understand society as a totality of social relations that arise between people.Among them there are two major groups: physical (arising in the practical activity of man), and spiritual relationship (the ideal relationship, which are determined by their spiritual values).The latter include political, moral, legal, artistic, religious, philosophical.