first practical application of the term "totalitarianism" was when he used the Italian-fascist dictator Mussolini to indicate he established political regime.Subsequently, many politicians, journalists, historians have used this word to describe Nazism in Germany and Stalin's regime in the Soviet Union.
main feature of a totalitarian form of government is a full coverage, the control of all forms of life (both public and private) from the holders of power - the state or party bodies.To justify the rights to such coverage and control used ideology, announced the ruling.Automatically implies that the entire population of the country should fully encourage this ideology.
totalitarian ideology aims to educate a new man, the creation o
f a new society.To do this, it requires that the interests of the individual are completely subordinated to the interests of the collective, the party and state.Human rights as an individual, or not recognized at all, or substantially limited.Effective unspoken principle: "All that is not allowed - it is forbidden."
Political activity is limited to the scope of a totalitarian party or other socio-political association, the program is declared to the only correct.There is a merging of the party with the state authorities.Often the party bodies put themselves on the state begin to impose their will.Even if the leader of the ruling party does not take a formal high-level government posts, he is the de facto head of state.
Freedom of speech, press, assembly under a totalitarian regime, or does not exist, or is subject to severe restrictions.Enormous role played by the armed forces, security forces, police said.To maintain and strengthen the regime totalitarian regime periodically creates a social atmosphere of psychosis, a besieged fortress, shifts the blame for the failure of the machinations of enemies - internal and external.
History shows that the chances of the emergence of totalitarian regimes rise sharply in societies that have gone through severe trials, shocks (painful social reforms, revolutions, wars, a sharp decline in the standard of living, impoverishment of the people).The greatest number of supporters of totalitarianism, then there is among the so-called "marginalized" populations - people who have lost their social and public identification with no permanent source of income.