crucial time

1985-1991 years in the history of the Soviet Union is considered to be the time of perestroika, when the country there was a rejection of the socio-economic structure, evolved over the years.

Mikhail Gorbachev was appointed to the presidency in March 1985 And on April 23 of that year he announced a policy of perestroika.It is said that originally hailed President's political course called "acceleration and perestroika", with emphasis on the word "acceleration".Subsequently, it has disappeared, and in the first place came the term "restructuring".

essence of the new policy truly amazed sensible policy because Gorbachev gives priority to the rapid development and industrial production in the unprecedented volume.From 1986 to 2000, it was planned to
produce the same amount of goods as released in the previous 70 years.

However, such a grandiose plans did not come true.The term "acceleration" has lost popularity by the end of 1987, and restructuring only lasted until 1991 and ended with the collapse of the Union.

first phase of the new time

perestroika began with a radical change of party leaders.We can not say that the personnel management of the country nomenclature of the time Chernenko and Andropov so grown old, the average age of party leader was 70-odd years.Naturally, this was unacceptable.Gorbachev seriously took up the "rejuvenation" of the party apparatus.

Another important sign of the first period of adjustment was a policy of openness.For the first time in many years, the reality of the Soviet Union showed not only in the light of the life-affirming, but also reflected the negative side.There was some freedom of speech, of course, still shy and not at full strength, but then it was seen as a breath of air in the sweltering midday.
In foreign policy, Gorbachev sought to consolidate and improve Soviet-American relations.This resulted in a unilateral ban on nuclear tests.

Results of the perestroika

It is said that the first stage of perestroika brought some changes in the life of Soviet man and society as a whole.It was possible to rejuvenate the structure of the party leadership, which went only to the benefit of the country and its inhabitants.The publicity led to the removal of tension in society, and thanks to defuse nuclear disarmament in the world.

But then one mistake after another, the divergence of words and deeds of the government led to the fact that the results achieved have come to naught.