Participate in a straight line and ask the minister personally phone.Such direct communication with the people of the higher officials of agencies spend approximately 1 per year.You can learn about it in advance of the means of mass communication.In this case, you need to ask the question very clearly, quickly and exactly.The problem must involve not just you personally, but for example, the scope of activities in which you are running a business, health, education.As a general rule, the official heard about the problem, promises to investigate and bring order in this matter, but the real change comes not at once.
Ask allow you are interested in explanations in writing.Write a letter in which specify the essence of your question, describing in detail what you see a violation of the law or
that, in your opinion, needs to be improved.Send a letter to Moscow, to the address listed on the website of the desired department.For example, the Ministry of Education postal address: 125993, Moscow, GSP-3, Tverskaya ul., D. 11.
Leave a question in the waiting room of the ministry.It is in every city in the government building.In this case, the answer to your e-send, of course, not the minister personally, but you will get an explanation.
also questions , complaints and suggestions of citizens to take on the ministry's website.You will need to leave the following information to maintain feedback: real last name, first name, your company name and email address.Your application will be reviewed, and the answer will come to your email inbox.For example, the website of the Ministry of Education and Science: .
Whichever method you choose, keep the following conditions: questions should be as clear, correct and given on the merits.It is impossible to express the emotional claims offend one or another official, try to directly accuse anyone of negligence and idleness.Such a question would not be considered.Make sure that you're unable to be accessed freely.If you push any offer, make sure it is really necessary.