One of the first flight of the cranes Putin expressed by the members of the Communist Party, who called it "amusing joke."They believe that such a decision by the President to participate in dubious projects should not receive public publicized in order to avoid a general criticism.But, nevertheless, this incident received wide publicity that can significantly undermine the authority of Vladimir Putin as president-elect.

Users blogs also embraced Putin's flight with cranes as a pretext for various satirical remarks.There were many jokes, one of the most popular are: "Is it true that Putin flew to migratory birds and to the south?Forever Is it, or it will come back in the spring? "In addition, the Russian Internet is
filled with a variety of collages and images that show the president in" awkward "position.

not leave this event unnoticed and Western press.The newspaper The New York Times claims that this "trick" Putin does not cause anything but laughter.The publication carries the event due to the current political situation in the country and on its background predicts further decline of Russian citizens to trust their leader.

newspaper The Washington Times called the flight with cranes, "a typical trick authoritarian president, a lover of animals and famous macho."You can call it a test of Putin's leadership skills.The first flight was followed by only one crane.When Putin flew for the first five birds, but after a few laps for them still follow only two.This is well demonstrated by the current situation in the country.

publication Slate claims that the president was able to subdue a flock of birds.But whether he will do the same with the Russian citizens?This question is still open.