Elizabeth II - is the second monarch in British history on the number of years of being on the throne.Longer rules only Queen Victoria.Elizabeth ascended the throne at a fairly young age, in 25 years, due to the sudden death of his father.The coronation took place on 2 June 1952 and was the first event of its kind, broadcasted on live television.

Anniversaries coronation marked regularly, usually every 10 years.But sixty years, became a diamond anniversary special date.Such a holiday in the country has not been since the beginning of the XX century.

The program of events included music concerts and festivals, as well as a solemn passage of the fleet of historic vessels on the Thames at the head of the royal barge.For particularly honored Britons and citizens of the Com
monwealth countries have provided an invitation to a reception with the Queen.And many British holiday celebrated only at home, in the company of neighbors and friends.Especially for this decree, the government had provided an extra day off, and the celebrations were broadcast on television.

festivities was not just a demonstration of respect for the queen.First anniversary - a great occasion to improve relations with the countries of the British Commonwealth, which united only by a common history and the monarchy.And secondly, this holiday has provided a significant influx of tourists in the British capital.Despite the fact that the monarchy costs the budget is not cheap, it is partially paid for itself it is during such events.The influx of foreigners buying activity increases, and as a result leads to an increase in tax revenues.In many ways, however, and because of the extreme addiction to the English tradition, the monarchy continued to exist in the XXI century.