Who can be considered a political leader?At first glance, the answer to this question is very simple, just on the surface.Political leader - a head of state or any party, social movement.However, this simplicity is only apparent, because it happens not always.
political leader - is, above all, a man who can truly (and nominal) to lead the country and the great masses of the people to unite and organize the broad strata of society to inspire them sympathy to his faithin the rightness of their cause, their ideas.He has to have the gift of persuasion, oratorical talent, outstanding organizational skills, strong will.In short, be as it is now often say, pronounced charisma.The political leader must be mentally prepared for the challenges to ensure that, if necessary, t
ake full responsibility, to resort to strict, even harsh measures for the common good.
Therefore, only one high office in order to become a political leader is not enough.History knows many cases when the state was headed by the weak, untrained people who, by their professional and moral qualities simply do not conform to bloat.In peacetime, when prosperous situation is still somehow tolerated.But in the era of testing the failure of people to be political leaders it turned around big trouble for themselves (and their families), and for the people of the state.And the fact that these leaders might be unable to fully worthy people, I sincerely wish good to their people, no longer plays any role.Classic examples - French King Louis XVI and the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.
political leader must unswervingly uphold the interests of its people and the state.At the same time he must take into account the interests of the other side to go, if necessary, a reasonable compromise.
Unfortunately, often political leaders are people who, as they say, "a cannon shot" should not be allowed to power.The most typical example - Adolf Hitler, who, with the undisputed oratorical talent, persuasion, cleverly capitalizing on the enormous difficulties experienced by the German people because of the predatory conditions of the Versailles peace, and on the sense of national humiliation, was able to convince the majority of Germans fanatical faith in yourself and becomeheaded by Germany.How it ended for Germany itself, and the world is well known.