According political analysts the most common in the world of political regime is authoritarian.It is believed that at a given political regime lives most of the population in the world.Examples of authoritarian states are Iran, Morocco, Libya, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, some post-Soviet countries.We are talking about the practical implementation of the authorities, while at the legislative level, these states can theoretically be democratic.
authoritarian states have a number of features that distinguish them of other political regimes.It occupies an intermediate position between democracy and totalitarianism.With democracy it is close, asIt maintains economic freedom against totalitarianism - unrestricted power.
One of the hallmarks of an authoritarian regime is a limited
number of media power.It can be concentrated in the hands of one man, or belong to a small group of individuals (military oligarchs and so on.).Power is unlimited in nature and beyond the control of the citizens.The power is based on law, but their decision did not take into account citizens' initiatives.The principle of the rule of law and equality before the law remains on paper only.
If authoritarianism is not implemented the principle of a real separation of powers and independence of the judiciary is ensured.Power is centralized and local representative bodies do not perform their functions in reality.
authoritarian political regimes may enjoy broad popular support.He even admits the existence of opposition and competition, but they are usually under the control of the authorities.It may even itself initiates a creation of opposition parties to create a matching external democratic regime.The real opposition has virtually no access to the distribution of political resources and otherwise forced out of political life.When authoritarian power is not necessary to resort to repression, but always has the ability to compel citizens to obey its will.Most authoritarian regimes are formed by passive social base.
Despite the fact that the authorities strive to ensure total control over the political sphere of society, it has a minimal impact on the economy.Thus, authoritarianism can easily get along with a market economy.Remain relatively independent cultural sphere, can operate institutions of civil society, but they remain limited in scope and did not have the political weight.
elections in such societies are decorative in nature and serve as a means of legitimizing the political regime.They often have a high level of political participation, and the percentage of support for the right candidate or party is close to 100%.The electoral struggle does not provide the recruitment of elites, and their appointment shall be made from the top.
the advantages of authoritarian regimes is credited with the ability to provide political stability and order in society.They show a high efficiency in transient societies.Their common drawback - the lack of control power to the people, which can lead to increased social tensions.