Loud trial took place very rapidly, the meetings lasted sometimes until late at night, so that such a long timeout before the final verdict for many observers was a complete surprise.According to Press Secretary Khamovniki Court of Moscow Daria Lyakh August 17, representatives of the media in the courtroom will not be allowed.However, this does not mean that the light will not be a long-awaited event - on the contrary.For many journalists will allocate a separate room, from which they will be able to follow the announcement of the verdict online.For the press it would be even better - in a separate room did not have standing to listen to the judge,
and the reading of the final verdict certainly takes a lot of time.

the dock Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhine and Ekaterina Samutsevich were in the so-called "punk prayer" in Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow on 21 February 2012.The charge brought against him by article 213 part 2 of the Criminal Code - "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and enmity against any social groups of citizens."Sami defendants argue that no religious hatred for believers do not experience, but rather the words of the song: "Hail Mary, Putin Put!" - Tried to influence the political situation in the country and are now being persecuted precisely because of this phrase and it is because of itscitizenship.

worth noting that no matter what motives led the girls in fact, the process is clearly a political - too large resonance.And if the Russian assessment deed Pussy Riot different, and attempts by certain individuals in politics and show business to express their attitude to this case are more like public relations, in the West scandalous trio perceive it as a "prisoner of conscience" and put on a par with the dissidents of the Soviet era.Support for Pussy Riot openly declared Peter Gabriel, Madonna, Sting, Bjork - and this is not a complete list of leaders of the world of show business.But, more importantly, that they are solidary world politics.

So whatever the verdict, one thing is clear now - the scandalous punk band became famous, and on a global scale, and the glory of this seems to last long.In this regard, they have to be congratulated on a certain victory, though both artists.But the image of modern Russia in the eyes of the world community, this process in any way for the benefit will not go.And within Russian society supporters and opponents of Pussy Riot in any case the infamous "prayer" will be forgotten soon.So political speculation around this topic unlikely to stop even after August 17.