Tip 1: How to change policy

many things in policy of the state are not satisfied with the different groups of the population.This is a complex problem - people struggling for a long time to resolve it.But there is one important question for each person - that he can make it to change policies and decisions of people with power, so that it was convenient to him?
Walk to the polls.Many people simply ignore the fact of the elections, believing that the results of pre-rigged, thinking that the majority will still make the choice for them, or considering all candidates bought.This is fundamentally the wrong point of view - the unit is not going to generate the majority of the elections, and when people do not make their choice, the choice is, of course, are doing for them.Therefore, in order not to feel that you do not have any influence on the government and the situation in the country and life, be sure to go to the polls, study the pre-election campaign of candidates and vote for the man whose views on policy best meet your idea of ​​an ideal state.
Fight for your rights.Very often there is a situation where people's rights are infringed by the state or state organizations, and disadvantaged people just let things take their course, believing that nothing has changed and, therefore, that you just need to put up with what is happening.Never let the same mistake - if your rights are infringed, if you did not fair necessarily prove it by contacting the appropriate authorities, down to the court and the city administration.Do not be afraid to seem strange - the policy changes only when people are angry, it is ordinary people say they are unhappy with and explain why.
interests of politicians to change it.Too many people simply are not interested in politics, so do not have any influence on it.If you look, everyone has the effect, if he wants it.Study the existing situation in the country, draw conclusions and act as the mind tells you - to join the party, create your own, or just bragging about your opinion, going to the rally.
Do not sit on the ground, cursing bad politicians.Attach the arm to the fact to change something in your city or country.Perhaps there are many people whose opinion is similar to yours.If you start to operate, these people will support you.The main thing - to have the desire, and you can change all the more unstable a thing as politics.

Tip 2: How to Change Group Policy

Changing the security settings for the GPO is a special variant of the use of configuration options, and is performed in a snap "Local Group Policy Editor," has a very broad functionality and is oneAdministration of the most important tools in the operating system Microsoft Windows.
How to Change Group Policy
Click "Start" to enter the main menu system, and navigate to the "Setup" to perform the operation changes the security settings for the GPO on the local computer.
Point to "Control Panel" and open the link "Administration" by double-clicking.
Expand the "Local Security Policy" by double-clicking a node and select "Security Settings" in the console tree.
Specify item "Account Policies" to change the component 'account lockout policy "or" Password Policy "or click on" Local Policies "to edit components of the" User Rights Assignment "," Security Settings"and" Audit Policy ".
Open the necessary security by double-clicking and enter the desired value.
Click OK to apply the selected changes and return to the main menu "Start" to change the security settings for the GPO from a workstation or server.
Go to the item "Run" and type mmc in the "Open" to run an empty MMC console.
Select "Add or Remove Snap-in" in the "Console" top toolbar of the application window, and then click "Add".
Open link "Group Policy Object Editor" in the dialog box "Add Standalone policies."
Click "Browse" in the new dialog box "Select Group Policy Object" and select the object to be replaced.
Click "Finish" to confirm your selection, click "Close" to exit the utility "Group Policy Editor" and confirm the use of selected changes by clicking OK.
Select the node "Security Settings" in the console tree and select the item "Account Policies" for the change of the component "Account Lockout Policy", "Password Policy" or "Policy Kerberos».
click on "Local Policies" to edit components of the "User Rights Assignment", "Security Settings" and "Audit Policy" or use the element of "Event Log" to change the magazine.
Open security setting to be changed, double click and enter the desired value.
Click OK to apply the selected changes.
above procedure is recommended as an administrator of the computer.
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