February 21, 2012 five girls at the altar of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour by committing acts that followed the media dubbed a punk prayer service.Law enforcement agencies have considered this action of hooliganism, and three band members - Yekaterina Samutsevich Mary Alekhine and Hope Tolokonnikova - were detained pending investigation.The investigation is over Pussy Riot caused a resonance not only in the Russian society, but also in many countries.In support of the girls organized rallies in Perm, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Toronto and many other cities.Release them to freedom demanded pop stars of world scale, such as Madonna and the legendary Sir Paul McCartney.

However, long enough for the result of the article "hooliganism" trial ended.Five months after the arrest of the girls app
eared before the Khamovniki court in Moscow.Initially, the balance was very clear: the prosecution had to prove the motive of religious hatred, to justify the measure in the form of detention (and the timing of the investigation were extended three times), which is used for hooliganism.

the defense needed to prove politically motivated act.According to the most widespread in the media release Pussy Riot performed the song "Mother of God, Putin Put!".But the staff of Christ the Savior, to listen to the first day of the trial, could not confirm this version.No political statements they had not heard, but from the mouth of the girls heard the phrase "Holy shit" and insults against the Patriarch.

political nature protection actions to prove it was not possible, and it is somewhat changed tactics.The girls began to talk about his ignorance of the ban for women to go to the pulpit.Therefore, the order of the temple are not broken out of malice.But at the disposal of the court it was the preparation of a video for the action group, where one of the girls says, "Serve punk prayer service we will be at the altar, because the entrance is forbidden to women."

Thus, the arguments of the defense disappeared.But the judge was able to articulate the reasoning of the judgment, which insists on the grounds of religious hatred.All the girls were found guilty and received two years of colony.

In sentencing the journalists were not admitted.In the courtroom, and next to him, according to eyewitnesses, there were about two thousand people.At 14.00 the active group was appointed to action in support of the defendants.At that time, girls were brought to the courthouse, and they were in the convoy awaiting sentencing.Soon Judge Marina Syrova beginning to read.From the courtroom it was carried live video.During the reading of the verdict, which lasted several hours, the defendants were handcuffed, guarded by eight police officers.

All this time drove away from the courthouse paddy wagons loaded with supporters justify participating group Pussy Riot, riot police custody.