Movement was formed in December 1987 under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin at the beginning of the first intifada, or Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.The founding document of Hamas its main purpose is indicated by the destruction of Israel and the establishment of a theocratic Islamic state on the territory of r.Iordan and to the Red Sea.In addition to this main purpose, there are immediate - withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip.

peaceful wing of a time to engage in charity, making money sympathetic network of hospitals, schools, kindergartens and the Islamic University.Combat Wing conducted terrorist attacks against Israelis and Palestinians minded loyal to the Israeli administration.

Hamas became the main opponent of the peace agreement in Oslo i
n 1993, when agreement was reached on the introduction of self-government in Gaza and the West Bank for 5 years in return for Palestinian guarantees to protect Israeli security.

organization has arranged a series of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians with suicide bombers to stop the peace process.The result was a rise in popularity in Israel conservative Netanyahu, who was also an opponent of the Oslo Accords.As a result, this policy took postpremer Minister of Israel.Tighter policy in relation to the Palestinian Authority led in turn to an increase in the popularity of Hamas among Palestinians.

In 2006, Hamas won parliamentary elections in Palestine.His opponent was the more moderate Fatah party, renounced terrorist methods of struggle for independence.Its leader Mahmoud Abbas blamed Hamas constantly that the movement of their actions to provoke Israel to tighten the regime and complicates the lives of ordinary Palestinians.After the election victory of Hamas have had additional opportunities to deal with Fatah.In 2007, a military conflict broke out between Hamas and Fatah, in which Hamas kept control of Gaza and Fatah - control the rest of the Palestinian Authority.

The Hamas leadership has confirmed that its main purpose is the destruction of Israel as a state, and refused to recognize all the agreements signed with this country.In response, many states that financed autonomy, declared an economic boycott of the Gaza Strip.

In late 2008, Israel announced the start of the military operation "Cast Lead" against Hamas in response to the repeated attacks from the Gaza Strip.International observers, human rights activists and doctors "Red Cross" there were cases of confiscation of terrorists humanitarian assistance aimed population.Hamas activists banned wounded Palestinians to seek help in a field hospital established by Israel near the checkpoint "Erez".64 car "Ambulance" - a gift to the Arab - were confiscated by Hamas and used as military equipment.Terrorists have also used military action to settle scores with Fatah - were killed and wounded several dozen of its members.

In the Gaza Strip, a network of cells of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda, Hamas, with which relations have not developed too: Al-Qaeda considers Hamas spineless and cowardly organization overrated opinion of the West.