on the ruins of the Soviet Union

story of the CIS on the ruins of the destroyed almost overnight, the Soviet Union reminds banal scene of two lovers parting, say goodbye to each other, "Let's disperse and remain just friends!".It reminds in the sense that it ceased to be a single country, the former Soviet republics, or rather some of their political leaders, have attempted to maintain a semblance of old truly friendly relations.And we created a supranational and, in fact, not very legitimate social organization
without clear goals and objectives.Recognize that a legitimate or even just having a life prospects, could except a passionate fighter against windmills of Cervantes' novel.

declare when you create your page seems to be a sincere desire to further develop allied relations based on the principles of voluntariness, mutual respect and recognition of state sovereignty, eleven republics of the Commonwealth almost immediately ran to their new sovereign "home" is a country.As a result, quickly turn good idea on paper profanity.However, they too can understand: to CIS whether there when and at many cases.In the end, everyone has not only the past ...

From Moscow to Brest

officially on the establishment of the former Soviet Union, in fact, an international organization called the CIS, the aim of which was called for continued cooperation of the republics in matters of politics, economics, culture andeven the defense, it was announced December 8, 1991.This decision was the result of an informal meeting of six leaders and the Prime Minister has three Soviet republics at the time.It took place in located in the Belarusian Bialowieza Forest Reserve, familiar to many of the famous song, the hunting estate of the CPSU Central Committee "Viskuli."And it took part in Russians Boris Yeltsin and Gennady Burbulis, Ukrainian Leonid Kravchuk and Witold Fokin, Belarusians Stanislav Shushkevich and Vyacheslav Kebich.

Curiously, the place and time a secret meeting was not made known even Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union continues to exist.He learned about it only from the KGB, but the actual order to arrest the conspirators did not give.And soon and lost his post.That's the title Forest, located near the Polish border, and the agreement was called "Belovezhskoe."By the way, five of the six major players, but Yeltsin, alive to this day.But in active politics there is only one - the Belarusian opposition and retired Shushkevich.

observers from Afghanistan

The document, which, in addition to the preamble, included another 14 articles recorded the demise of the Soviet Union and the formation of the CIS on the basis thereof.Where can voluntarily enter not only founded the Commonwealth of the RSFSR, Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSR, but all the other Soviet republics.Later this right was exercised, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.In 1993, he joined the organization yet, and Georgia, coming from him six years later, after the military conflict with Russia in South Ossetia.

Besides Georgia, there were also other losses: in 2005, Turkmenistan has changed its rightful status as "an observer" (they also have Afghanistan and Mongolia), and in 2014, the release said belligerent Ukraine.December 30, 1991, all participants of the CIS was signed in Minsk agreement on the Council of Heads of State and of its leader.The first was elected president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, and the present is his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.Finally, the creation of the Commonwealth ended January 22, 1993.And also in Minsk, which was approved by the main document - the Charter.

A Tretyakov - against!

In June 2014 the Russian Constitutional Court received a complaint from a resident of Togliatti Dmitry Tretyakov that the Supreme Court refused to consider his claim about the illegality of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the formation of the CIS on the basis thereof.

Based on legal documents of those years, not without reason Tretyakov argued that illegal in the first place is the "Declaration on the dissolution of the USSR."It took her 26 December 1991 are not provided for by the Constitution of the country's so-called Council of the Republic of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.To the chagrin of the applicant, and, probably, not him alone, the court did not consider the complaint.Thereby accepting the decision of the Supreme Court it is constitutional, and the creation of the CIS - the law.