In a widely discussed in Russia and abroad records Rogozin in his microblog do not have any names, but almost no one doubts that it relates to the shares of the American pop diva at a Moscow concert.53-year-old Madonna touring across three continents, and her performance in Moscow was held on 7 August in the sports complex "Olympic".In the course of each of its shows singer says short speech about tolerance, telling that her troupe are people of different nationalities, religions and sexual orientation.This time, Madonna has added to his speech three proposals in support of those arrested for hooliganism in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior members of the Russian female punk band Pus
sy Riot.She said she was not going to express their contempt for the church or the government, but will pray for the freedom of the brave women who have fully paid their act.Then she performed the traditional Madonna concert striptease, revealing the inscription on the back of Pussy Riot, wearing a cap with slits ("balaclava") - a permanent attribute of all shares of the female punk band - and sang the following song of the concert.

Dmitry Rogozin in his Twitter before leaving records get into the country and outside the great response the trial of Pussy Riot.He did not pass his attention and this event, using unprintable epithets, however, the hidden self-censorship - a direct link to the message in the microblogging listed below.Public persona often rewarded Madonna similar epithets for traditional shocking antics - the latter did Elton John live on Australian television.But the words of the current Deputy Prime Minister, albeit expressed in private, have received quite wide response.