power struggle

rapid development in the field of science and technology, geo-political and economic crises on our planet, it would seem, make it impossible to give even a short-term forecasts.But George Friedman in his analytical work provides a fairly clear picture of the future of the future.His predictions are based on historical experience, and he comes to the conclusion that the next 100 years will be of great powers struggle for world supremacy.

Of course, being an American, the author gives his country the championship laurels and praises the greatness of America.He acknowledges that the priorities of the American state is an unquestioned world authority.

In the beginning of the century the main differences
from the United States will be with Russia.The author also notes the growing power of the Russian state, but predicted his defeat.His opinion is hardly unbiased, because the love of country forces the author to create their desired future and give biased arguments.However, Friedman initially stressed to anticipate trends in the development of the future, requires creativity and knowledge of historical facts.

new developed countries

George Friedman draws attention to certain patterns of the last century, during which the empire collapsed, there were war with Germany and lasted a long time the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States.He concludes that occur every century geopolitical changes.

In the XXI century Friedman predicts economic decline in Germany, while the mid-century Turkey, Japan and Poland will prosper.

Despite many predictions about the possible rising prestige of China in the international community, according to Friedman, the US will not accept that country as a competitor.Instead, America will support China to create a powerful counterbalance to Russia.

In the second half of the XXI century due to low fertility arises an acute shortage of labor force, and many developed countries will be looking for ways to attract immigrants to the country.Scientists will work on the extension of human life in order to increase its efficiency.Also, the labor shortage will result in the need to create multiple robots.

George Friedman suggests that by the end of the XXI century Mexico will be a strong and influential country with which the United States will be a serious confrontation.The conflict will be captured by the Americans in the XIX century part of the Mexican territory.