After approval of the President of Russia and the official publication of the press new legislation on public events to take effect.The first thing that catches the eye: increased responsibility of organizers of rallies and demonstrations for all kinds of violations.The maximum fine is now for citizens will be 300 thousand rubles, and for officials - 600 thousand.Legal persons guilty of violating the Administrative Code during the rallies, now face a fine of up to 1 million rubles.In some cases, the law provides for a sentence of compulsory work.Responsibility for the violation will be valid for one year, until the expiration of the statute of limitations.

There are new restricti
ons on protesters.Now, to protest the influence of alcohol and hide her face during a rally impossible.Do not turn to disguise social action under the "festivities".Organizers of the rally will not be persons who have outstanding conviction or has been repeatedly prosecuted for violations of administrative law governing the conduct of mass actions.Some of the present leaders of the "non-systemic" opposition, so to apply for participation in the mass action will not be able.Shares as stated in the law, must end no later than 22 hours.

Amendments to the law, however, a few have expanded opportunities to discuss issues of concern to society and expression.Now, in the regions of the country can receive a special place - the so-called "Hyde Park".Such actions do not require prior approval.The main thing that the number of participants is not less than 100 people.At the same time the authorities asked to identify the places where mass events are held is prohibited.

purpose of the amendments, said RIA "Novosti", has been taking care of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of all citizens, including those who did not consider it necessary to take part in protest actions.Legislators believe that the tightening of responsibility will make the country's political action more predictable and civilized, and citizen participation in the meetings - more secure.