In November 2011, Pakistan closed NATO cargo transit through the country.The reason for this was an unsuccessful military operation of NATO, in which twenty-four Pakistani soldiers were victims of air attack committed by mistake.The blockade on the part of Pakistan's highly complicated position NATO forces in the region.

All attempts by the NATO leadership to resume transit movement of their goods through the territory of Pakistan Islamabad
encounter reluctance to make concessions.And although at the NATO summit held in Chicago, it was stated on the progress in the negotiations, they are not satisfied with the course of any of the parties.The stumbling block was the amount requested Pakistan for transportation of goods through its territory.Each transit container can cost $ 5,000 to NATO that the alliance considers unacceptable price.As one of the conditions for lifting the blockade of the Pakistani side also put forward the demand an official apology for the deaths of their military forces through the fault of the North Atlantic Alliance.

transit through Pakistan to NATO would be more favorable in comparison with the traffic on the territories of other states neighboring Afghanistan.The road to the port of Karachi is the shortest to the Gulf, which simplifies and reduces the cost of redeployment of forces and means.The interest in the transport of military cargo and express Pakistani truck drivers and fuel tankers, for which downtime turns into financial difficulties, said the Russian service of BBC.

Meanwhile, NATO's senior management announced reaching an agreement in principle with a number of Central Asian countries on the export of the equipment of the alliance through their territory.Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have met the proposals of Western military, informed "Radio Liberty" in early June 2012.The transfer of goods will be carried out special plan as the collapse of the military operation in Afghanistan.