previous presidential elections were held in Mexico in July 2006.Then he won a victory of the ruling party candidate F. Calderon, who collected more than a third of the vote.However, his main rival A. Obrador behind the Calderon by only fractions of a percent.Six years have passed, and July 1, 2012 Mexican voters come to vote for a new president.

This time, the fight for the presidency are still the same Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Party and candidate of the institutional Revolutionary Party Enrique Peña Nieto.

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n Obrador, whose success in the upcoming elections is clearly not satisfied with the US administration.The US political circles are not interested in the fact that in neighboring Mexico came to power potential "populist", a fan of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.However, Lopez Obrador is confidently gaining support all the new layers of voters, using field work and social networks.

Rated surveys conducted by journalists, alarming at Peña Nieto, does not hide his sympathy for Washington, and encouraging supporters to Obrador.To avoid possible manipulation of data in the elections on July 1, activists Revolutionary Democratic Party intend to send to the polls observers.

Presidential race of 2012 in Mexico is different from the one that took place a few years ago.Series fraud, backroom maneuvers and scandals - indispensable attributes of a political struggle.Many Mexicans are convinced that the falsification of the past elections will award the final victory of the current president Felipe Calderon.It is believed that the American political elite "appointed" him head of the Mexican state well before the election.Obrador Supporters believe that the candidacy of the current US puppet Nieto also has long agreed with Washington.To this time to be the president, the elections will show.